Be More YOU! Exploring your 24 character strengths, one strength at a time: Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Discover Your Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

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VIA Character Research has found that the more you live in your strengths, the happier you will be! When you are living more from your strengths you are more in your "zone of genius" and life just feels a little easier and a little more joyful.

Even though we all share the same 24 traits, they fall in different orders AND no one else expresses and uses a trait the way that you are. You are truly one of a kind!

In these classes you will art journal your way into deeper understanding of what your traits mean to you, and how you can live them in your own life.

Our 24 strengths are divided into 6 universal virtues:

  • WISDOM - strengths that help you gather and use knowledge
  • COURAGE - strengths that help you exercise your will, face adversity, and create what you want
  • HUMANITY - strengths that help you in your one-on-one relationships with others
  • JUSTICE - strengths that help you in community or group-based situations
  • TEMPERANCE - strengths that help you manage your habits and avoid excess
  • TRANSCENDENCE - strengths that help you connect to the bigger picture and provide meaning

Within these 6 universal virtues fall the strengths:

  • WISDOM: Creativity, Curiosity, Love of Learning, Judgement and Perspective.
  • COURAGE: Bravery, Honesty, Perseverance, Zest.
  • HUMANITY: Kindness, Love, Social Intelligence.
  • JUSTICE: Fairness, Leadership, Teamwork.
  • TEMPERANCE: Humility, Forgiveness, Prudence, Self-regulation.
  • TRANSCENDENCE: Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Gratitude, Hope, Humor, Spirituality.

This is a super fun, creative way to explore your traits in an art journal! Take your FREE assessment here and art journal your top five or explore them all!

This class explores the trait of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. This strength helps you experience awe and wonder for beauty. It helps you admire the skill and excellence of others. And it can help you be elevated by the moral excellence in others.

There will be 24 different classes, one for each of the strengths. In each class you will learn:

  • An in depth look at each trait, how to express more it in your life, and what under or overuse looks like.
  • A paint-along art journal class, with link to images and downloadable art for you to use created by me.
  • You will discover a whole new way of viewing yourself and others, and be able to being strengths-spotting in yourself and other people.
  • Discover how to be WAY happier in the world by being more YOU.

Your Instructor

Cheryl Sosnowski
Cheryl Sosnowski

I'm Cheryl. I'm a joy-seeking, meaning making, idea generating, powerful creator.

My life is driven by three questions:

What do I want to create today?

Who do I need to be to create it?

How can I serve to remind others that they are powerful creators, too?

I LOVE life, because I know what it's like to NOT love life so much. I know that if I can take my life from darkness, depression and anxiety to a space of light, love and utter happiness, then anyone can! My purpose in life is to help you see how beautifully, perfectly wonderfully made you are. My tools are creative ones.

In the past 20 years I have done a PhD's worth of research (and certifications) in the areas of mindfulness, neuroscience, creativity and mindset, and have used this knowledge and wisdom to become the person I am, creating a life I absolutely love. I believe in the power of self-actualization and there truly is nothing greater to me that watching you discover how incredibly unique and brilliant you are. You are literally one of a kind, you are a creative light with a particular zone of genius in you, and if you aren't actualizing, you are robbing yourself and the people you touch of your light and your gifts.

Fun Stuff About Me:

Aside from being in my studio, you can find me hanging out with my husband and teens, hiking, playing with my fur-babies Nama, and our cat, Mr. Kittens. Or I am with my friends who are absolute treasures to me, or probably listening to music & dancing. I love adventure travel, I'm freakishly punctual, I'm a compulsive book sniffer, and I think all people are miraculous geniuses and I love to ask questions and listen. I'm an ENFP. My top three character traits are appreciation of beauty and excellence, curiosity and creativity. And don't judge me, but I totally hate cheese.

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